April 6 – April 27, 2014

ACRE Projects


Rounds brings together collaborative and individual works by Michael Milano, Alyssa Moxely, and Milad Mozari. With backgrounds in a variety of materials and mediums, the three artists come together at meeting points in their work. Approached from these different perspectives, they explore the process of pattern making across visual and sonar planes. Together, they have recorded a collaborative sound work that will be played on multiple record players. Played back at different speeds and distributed throughout the space, the sounds will build on each other through beating and harmonic relationships. Visual works by the artists along with the Harmonograph–created by Moxely and Mozari at the ACRE residency–will reflect this effect of harmonic pattern and interference. The sonic and visual works represent simultaneous undulations throughout the space, creating patterns that are experienced in relationship to one another.

Curated with Etta Sandry and Lynnette Miranda as ACRE’s year-long series of solo exhibitions by 2013 ACRE summer residents.