Jason Judd



Sight Specific


Sight Specific (formerly known as the Bloomington-Normal Arts Collective) is an online platform that documents and supports contemporary art programming in and around the Bloomington-Normal area. In the spirit of collaboration and grassroots/DIY organization, Sight Specific acts as a springboard for creative endeavors among students, local and visiting artists, and the public. We feature the work of contributing writers and curators as they develop and promote creative projects, with an emphasis on alternative spaces and exhibitions, one-time shows or performances, and experimental happenings.

Our website acts as central hub for announcements of upcoming events, as well as an archive of show reviews, artist interviews, and studio visits.

Photography Theresa Marx Styling Marie Déhé  

Photography Theresa Marx
Styling Marie Déhé

BITE Magazine

Art Editor (2013 - 2016)

An exclusively online and non-profit project where each and every single work is executed and collated virtually, BITE Magazine is a way to inspire and be inspired. Tapping into available online media, we hope to highlight the importance of technology and new media in day-to-day interaction of youths today.

All issues are available for purchase in both print and digital here: http://bitemagazine.magcloud.com/


Make Space

Co-Director (2012 – 2014)

Make Space (2010–2016) was an artist-run online platform and curatorial initiative that explored the practices of experimental contemporary artists. Conceived as a conceptual space for artists to showcase their ideas and processes, Make Space featured artists through the production of writing, exhibitions, and public programs. We worked with artists on a recurrent basis, allowing us to develop critical content and programs centered on the artist, rather than through the established conventions of the art industry.

Our mission was to expand the public understanding of the artistic practice by investigating a diversity of art making and conceptual concerns as well as the condition of being an artist today. Our aim was to write, curate, and organize through an intersectional lens, committed to promoting artists of all races, ethnicities, cultures, classes, abilities, sexual orientations, and genders.