Jason Judd



Jaclyn Wright

February 1 – March 8, 2019

Jaclyn Wright: Marked features recent works that combine traditional photographic techniques with contemporary digital processes. This hybrid approach to image-making affords Wright the ability to merge photography’s fluid representation of reality with her interest in the residual effects of misogyny, the power dynamics of the gendered body, as well as the societal privileges of the white body. Throughout the exhibition the work oscillates between depicting Wright’s own vulnerability and privilege, employing various ways of representing her body as the primary subject to address complex gendered and racialized issues… MORE

Captioned Twentieth Century 17.jpg

Liza Sylvestre: Captioned

October 12 – December 14, 2018

Captioned by artist Liza Sylvestre is a feature length, single-channel video interpretation of the 1934 screwball comedy film “Twentieth Century” starring John Barrymore and Carole Lombard. As an individual with a profound hearing impairment, Sylvestre depends on closed captioning or other interpretive texts to have complete understanding of films. In Captioned, the artist replaces the missing closed captioning in the movie with what she describes as “self-commentary”... MORE


Terttu Uibopuu: E.S.E. (East South East)

February 23 – April 1, 2018

Titled after Terttu Uibopuu’s most recent series of photographs, E.S.E. (East South East) is the largest solo exhibition of the New York-based artist’s work to date. The exhibition features twenty-five photographs taken throughout the United States and Estonia, each revealing in its human, natural, or architectural subjects a quiet fortitude amidst the adversity of ongoing recovery from political occupation, natural disaster, or recession... MORE


Erin Washington: Light Touch

October 21 – December 17, 2017

Erin Washington: Light Touch features new and recent collages, paintings, drawings, and sculpture by the Chicago-based artist. From a silverpoint portrait of the Egyptian queen Nefertiti to a chalk drawing of the presumed shape of a wormhole, Washington’s multilayered works consist of a medley of ambiguous scientific diagrams, art historical references, Post-it notes, studio debris, mythological figures, and self-deprecating jokes... MORE


Allison Lacher & Jeff Robinson: Subdivision

February 21 – April 2, 2017

With its seven framed-out wooden façades,­­ Allison Lacher and Jeff Robinson’s Subdivision transforms two galleries into a faux neighborhood where, on a weekly basis, additional artists are invited to manipulate one of the home-like structures in any manner of their choosing. Glossy white sheets of acrylic are attached to the face of every façade, each bearing its own vinyl decal depicting a common household object such as a vent, light switch, or power outlet. The installation immerses visitors in a landscape that evokes a recession-stricken, partially developed subdivision that is strangely populated by utilitarian-looking, Mondrian-like sculptures surrounded by decals of picket fences... MORE



Marissa Lee Benedict & David Rueter
Sarah Rothberg

September 20 – October 16, 2016

Featuring interactive installations by an individual artist and a collaborative duo, Placelessness transforms two galleries into immersive environments in which the viewer experiences an oscillation between their sense of actual and virtual space. Visitors entering Marissa Lee Benedict and David Rueter’s bedroom-sized telecom shelter Dark Fiber witness a video projection depicting a cinematic montage of the two artists dressed as laborers, laying an unauthorized fiber optic cable from the Pacific Ocean across the Western landscape, through Chicago... MORE


Sinking Feeling

October 9 – October 31, 2015

Artists: Conrad Bakker, Bethany Carlson, Bill Conger, Eli Craven, Jenny Hansen, and Joel Ross.

A sinking feeling is experienced in the moment right before our lives take an unexpected turn. Sometimes this moment of anticipation lingers, yet other times we are compelled by our curiosity to confront the promise of bitter news. Though this moment of confrontation liberates us from suspense, it serves as a demarcation point between how things were and how things will be... MORE




Claire Ashley: Cawt, Taut, Hot .... Not

May 21 – September 11, 2016

Claire Ashley’s two-gallery installation immerses visitors in a multisensory landscape packed with DayGlo-colored pneumatic sculptures. It consists of wildly painted plastic-coated tarps whose billowing forms range from boulder size up to floor-to-ceiling scale. Ashley subverts their heroic size, however, with a sense of the absurd: sewn patches, bruise-like colors, and creases, render the sculptures’ taut, membrane-like surfaces as bloated, cartoony organisms referencing motherhood and eroticism. These encapsulating environments are permeated in the larger space by Joshua Patterson's soundscape, and in the smaller space by ultraviolet lighting. MORE


Normal Reality

June 15 – September 9, 2015

Artists:Petra Cortright (Los Angeles),  Mariam Graff (Los Angeles), Rosa Menkman (Arnhem, Netherlands), Shana Moulton (New York, NY), Brenna Murphy (Edmunds, Washington), Jaakko Pallasvuo's (Helsinki,) Sabrina Ratté (Montreal), Wolfie E. Rawk (Chicago), Kathy Rose (New York), Andrew Rosinski (New York), Jon J. Satrom(Chicago), Malgosia Woznica (Warsaw).

Normal Reality presents twelve artists from the U.S., Canada, and Europe, whose embrace of popular digital technologies raises questions about normalcy in the age of accessibility... MORE


Ultra-Deep Field

October 20 – November 14, 2014

Artists: Daniel Baird, Sarah and Joseph Belknap, Katie Bell, Bill Conger, Laura Davis, Adam Farcus, Bob Jones, Holly Murkerson, Erin Washington

Ultra-Deep Field is a group exhibition that considers the inadequacy of representing desire, time, and scale by way of hand. Though the artwork spans sculpture, photography, drawing, and video, the pieces posture themselves as self-evident, allowing the literal to be experienced as poetic. In the exhibition, Joseph Belknap lights Sarah Belknap’s cigarette using the sun, Bill Conger stencils an exact replica of a poem written by his 8 year old son, while Erin Washington’s 9 x 12 black acrylic panel documents the process of her hand healing by using her injured hand to draw itself. To this end, Ultra-Deep Field suggests possibilities of how to reorient one’s body with the everyday world that acts upon it... MORE



June 13, 2014

Curated with Iga Puchalska

In the spirit of collaboration and public engagement in the arts, Public Practice, Jesus Correa, and Rockford Art Deli are organizing an innovative art exhibition that will not only start in the public, but also invite the public to participate. We are considering a parade as a medium of art and the artifacts (or floats) to be art objects. Local and regional artists have been invited to create sidewalk sized floats to accompany them during the parade, which will end at Rockford Art Deli as an art exhibition... MORE



April 6 - April 27, 2014

Co-curated with Etta Sandry and Lynnette Miranda 

Rounds brings together collaborative and individual works by Michael Milano, Alyssa Moxely, and Milad Mozari. With backgrounds in a variety of materials and mediums, the three artists come together at meeting points in their work. Approached from these different perspectives, they explore the process of pattern making across visual and sonar planes... MORE


MDW Fair 2012

November 9 - 11, 2012

Artists: Jeff Austin, Daniel Baird, Billy Buck, Marissa Lee Benedict, Sofia Leiby, Holly Murkerson, Casilda Sanchez, Clare Torina, Erin Washington, and Allison Yasukawa.

Curated with Etta Sandry and Lynnette Miranda / Pubication Design & Exhibition Collaborator: Kathy Cho

In a collaborative effort to expand the dialogue of contemporary art practices, the exhibtion booth featured ten artists who have previously worked with Make Space. Through continuous collaboration, Make Space expands beyond the bounds of the Internet and bridges the gap between space and screen, to bring artists and audience together IRL. The Make Space exhibition booth at MDW created a dialogue between the selected artists and the audience experienced in physical space rather than through the medium of windows, tabs, mouse, and screen... MORE


Jakalope Exhibition and Conference

January 6 – 7 , 2012

The Jackalope} was an art conference advocating in-depth discussions in contemporary art making and studio practice, announces its first conference held at Northern Illinois University, a leading art school in DeKalb Illinois. The Jackalope} Art Conference concentrates on developing a sense of community through exploring nontraditional ways of making, and will take place at Gallery 215 January 6–7, 2012. This groundbreaking conference features workshops and panel discussions that bring together and explore the nexus of multimedia, mixed media, sculpture, and contemporary theory.... MORE