January 6th & 7th, 2012

Northern Illinois University

The Jackalope} was an art conference advocating in-depth discussions in contemporary art making and studio practice, announces its first conference held at Northern Illinois University, a leading art school in DeKalb Illinois. The Jackalope} Art Conference concentrates on developing a sense of community through exploring nontraditional ways of making, and will take place at Gallery 215 January 6–7, 2012. This groundbreaking conference features workshops and panel discussions that bring together and explore the nexus of multimedia, mixed media, sculpture, and contemporary theory.

The two-day conference will also feature a number of brief artist presentations that aim to facilitate conversation, networking, and exposure between each attendee. Also featured is an exhibition of work from attending artists who concentrate on questioning the aesthetics of materiality or process with the consideration of conceptual interpretation in their work. At The Jackalope}, artists will come together to talk about the future of contemporary studio practice while sharing alternative ways of creating.

  • Friday opened with registration and opening comments from The Jackalope} Art Conference creators. Following was be brief artists talks and artist presentations from selected attendees. The day will be end with the opening of the Jackalope Exhibition.

  • Saturday involved with three workshop demos concentrating on sharing innovative and alternative ways of making, followed by two panel discussions covering issues about the state of materials in contemporary art and theory. The day will wrap up with a talk from our Keynote speaker and closing comments from The Jackalope} Art Conferencecreators.