MDW Fair 2012

November 9 - 11, 2012



Artists: Jeff Austin, Daniel Baird, Billy Buck, Marissa Lee Benedict, Sofia Leiby, Holly Murkerson, Casilda Sanchez, Clare Torina, Erin Washington, and Allison Yasukawa.

In a collaborative effort to expand the dialogue of contemporary art practices, the exhibtion booth featured ten artists who have previously worked with Make Space. Through continuous collaboration, Make Space expands beyond the bounds of the Internet and bridges the gap between space and screen, to bring artists and audience together IRL. The Make Space exhibition booth at MDW created a dialogue between the selected artists and the audience experienced in physical space rather than through the medium of windows, tabs, mouse, and screen. 

In addition to programming, which took place on November 10th, an edition of take-ways were produced for the exhibition. For each artist, we designed an individual pamphlet that included biographical information and an exclusive interview (not available online), which then opened into an 11″x17″ poster of the artists’ work.

Curated with Etta Sandry and Lynnette Miranda / Pubication Design & Exhibition Collaborator: Kathy Cho